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Jack Walker

Greetings! I’m Jack Walker, a seasoned professional DJ and passionate audio enthusiast. From the moment I discovered the enchantment of music and the art of DJing during my early teens, I’ve been utterly captivated.


Over the years, I’ve dedicated myself to understanding every intricate detail of DJ Controllers and DJ equipment. I’ve gained invaluable experience and knowledge along the way.


The goal of DJEquipmentInfo.com is simple: share expertise and knowledge that assists aspiring and pro DJs alike in navigating the intricate world of DJ controllers and equipment.


I’ve created this site to be a hub of guidance and resources designed to help you unravel the complexities of DJ controllers and supporting equipment to help anyone interested master the craft.


I have a genuine appreciation for the depth and nuances of this art form, and I’m here to support and empower your journey.

Jack In Studio July 2023
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